Attention 2021 Notice: JMBM Bernard Gans Jefer Mangels Butler Mitchell Law Bernard Gans Trustee never informed us that our mom is dead he secretly buried our mom.



Attention JMBM attorney partner Bernard Gans Married to Shahin Gans trustees of Talat Soloki did not notify the beneficiaries of her death. Talat Soloki 5 children never knew their mom was dead till they go to visit her. Bernard and Shahin Gans have failed to honor the probate california trusties ruels and regulation laws. the burial of talat soloki was done in secret . we still do not know who burried her or anyone present during the burial. All we know the fifty children and relatives were not notified and not present. we totally missed out to see our mom getting burried. Bernard Gans JMBM partner and shahin gans covered my moms burriel..Removes my name from the will Bury my mom in secret.